SurMount is two player, climbing fun

SurMount is a physics-based platformer that allows you and a friend to take on climbing a massive mountain together! You can also play single player mode, but when I spent some time with SurMount at GDC, I wanted to focus on the two player mode, as I am a big fan of co-operative gameplay.

SurMount has you attempting to climb up the side of a mountain. With so many different ways to pull yourself and toss your way from grip to grip, it feels really free flowing, with no real correct way to move forward. When you play with two players, you are able to help each other out using a rope attached between you both. You can drag the other player along, making the rope bigger or smaller so that you can reach different areas. 

Some areas of the game are a little out there, compared to the real world, with floating rocks and dangerous moving parts that can harm you. There is also a limit on how long you can hold on as sometimes you do need to give yourself a break. Having a friend makes this really easy as you will find they help you when you’re out of grip.


I played a limited demo of SurMount, however there is so much more planned in the game. You are able to customise your climber, creating an avatar that you feel best fits you! There are a bunch of different characters you can also meet on the mountain, who are taking their own climb up! You can learn about them and their reason for climbing as well. SurMount also has a bunch of equipable items and permanent items that you can unlock, which can improve your climbing ability. 

SurMount is a game that feels fun to play with your friends. I love the smoothness of the local co-op mode, and it’s so much fun trying to pick a path to take together. The game itself is very well made!

SurMount currently has the release date of 2023, and you can wishlist the game on Steam.

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