Stormworks: Build & Rescue Detailed, and Vehicle Assembly In Extensive Developer Diary

Build your own vehicles and run a lifeguard station in an open-world setting with deadly, dynamic storms.

Dan Walters from Stormworks: Build and Rescue developer Sunfire Software sat down with Green Man Publishing and showcased the game’s vehicle creation mechanics. The duo also discussed the game’s dynamic weather in passing, as well as touching on the scale of the game world.

Stormworks: Build and Rescue sees players (for it is co-operative) manning a lifeguard post on one of many islands initially inspired by the Hebrides islands. It’s kept interesting by the variety of weather effects which are stirred up by the game’s systems. If you’re in a boat and the waves kick up you could be in as much trouble as a helicopter caught in a storm.

The vast majority of the video focuses on the building element of the game and how it seamlessly integrates into the game. What is -in my opinion- most impressive about the whole thing is the scale of the setting — an early zoom-out of the map reveals that the two people demonstration the game barely cover any ground despite all their time at sea.

Stormworks: Build and Rescue is currently early in development for PC. It can be preordered from publishers Green Man Gaming here.

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