Sticky Business lets you open your own little shop

Simulators have allowed people to take on a variety of different roles, adapting when new jobs seem to appear or come into existence here and there. Sticky Business allows players to start up their own sticker shop, where they can create and sell stickers on a bunch of different cute papers, doing everything than an Etsy shop might do!

Sticky Business is an adorable, cozy game where you are looking to build your own little internet shop. You start with a bunch of tools that are ready for you to use to stock your online shop. On your table, you are able to use different designs to create stickers, by placing them around and saving them. You can overlap, change the size, change the color, and otherwise create something fun! Once you have a sticker you are happy with, you can save it and decide what type of sticker paper it is on. It will then be listed on your shop.

You do need to print your stickers; which you can do on the little printer you start out with. You can print any of your stickers on one sheet as long as it’s based on the same paper, for twenty coins. So putting lots of stickers on one paper is a great way to save money! On your phone you will find all your orders, giving clear direction for you to follow when packing your boxes.

As you pack your stickers in Sticky Business, you can see the order, drag in any created stickers, and then pick the background paper and any fluff in your box, as well as add any types of candy that you’d like to include. Sometimes people send you messages, sometimes they do not. It’s just a silly and fun time where you can create a bunch of stickers and send them off. Finally, at the end of each day, you do get to see if you made a profit. 

Sticky Business

There is a lot of charm in Sticky Business; the stickers you can create, the animations on the different papers, and the general feel of the store is so much nicer than I know I would ever have if I opened up my own sticker business. You can even purchase upgrades and new designs to continue to create something fun for your customers! 

Sticky Business does not currently have a release date, but you can wishlist it on Steam.

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