Speaking Simulator allows you to pretend to be human

Infiltrate the human race as a totally convincing human in Speaking Simulator.

It’s been a year since I last saw Speaking Simulator, when it was showcased at last year’s PAX AUS. Last year I never got the chance to try it, however this year I made sure not to repeat that mistake. This game tasks you with the simple sounding task of pretending to be a human by flailing your mouth and tongue about in every which way.

I imagine it’s a similar task to having to speak Latin whilst rolling cotton-wool wrapped nuts and bolts around in your mouth. The game’s way of talking is as unusual as the concept of the game — moving the mouth around, you control the tongue to press buttons inside your mouth, with the end result being word-like noises, sweet. 

Speaking Simulator

Except, there’s something new, there’s face detection. Using a webcam, Speaking Simulator can now use your face to control the mouth in game. The end result is amazing, terrifying and everything in between. In the middle of a busy show floor, here I am sitting at a computer screen wiggling my mouth about trying to get the robot to open its mouth. Why isn’t it widening its mouth, my mouth is wide aaaaargh!

Speaking Simulator is currently available to be wishlisted on Steam. 

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