Shoryu Ramen x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Set Menu – Delicious

I am such a big fan of food, and as someone who enjoys video games as well, getting themed ramen sounds like a fantastic idea! Shoryu has previously done collabs with Final Fantasy and their ramen, which I have enjoyed. Much like last time, I am not a huge Final Fantasy fan, but I am a fan of food and ramen, and that’s all that matters.

The Shoryu Ramen x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Set Menu is priced at £24 per person, giving you a main, dessert and drink. This feels pretty reasonable for the price, especially when it comes to the quality of the ramen itself. You can also get a Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Placemat and collectable coaster. The coaster you get is random, so if you want to collect them all, you will need to get a few different ramens!


There are three drink options with your meal; Ramune Soda (in original, yuzu or strawberry), which is always a fun time. If you prefer beer, you can get an Asahi Super Dry, a classic. Otherwise, their special drink is a cocktail; Dirty Lychee. We both got a Dirty Lychee, which was fantastic. It is a mix of lychee and nigori sake, with a bit of rum. The cocktail felt smooth to drink and was very refreshing, especially with the depth of the ramen we enjoyed.


Ramen Noodles

Dann and I both got different ramens for our mains. I got the Shoryu Ganso Tokotsu, which is like a classic Shoryu ramen! This broth is so flavorful, as the pork broth has been cooked for 12 hours. It’s creamy and rich, with a lot of depth. The char siu BBQ pork belly on the top of the ramen comes in quite thick, melt in your mouth slices. There also is an egg, spring onion, seaweed, red ginger, mushrooms… it’s just a really delicious classic. I added a bunch of chili oil too!

Shoryu Ramen x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Set Menu

Dann got the Miso Wafu Chicken ramen, which had crispy, fried chicken karaage on top. This broth is white miso, shiitake mushroom, soy, and soy milk – which is also very creamy. We couldn’t taste much of the miso, but there was a good flavor and a lot of good notes in it. The chicken was the star, to be honest! It was crispy, moist, delicious. If we went back, this is the one we’d get! There is a third ramen, the White Natural, which is a vegetarian ramen with broccoli.

When it comes to choosing your noodles, they also give you three choices; standard, firm or super firm. We went with standard which had good chew.


For dessert, you do have less options. We went with Mochi Ice Cream, and each got the two different flavors. There was a mango and passion fruit one, which tastes really fruity and delicious, as well as a decadent chocolate miso and cookie dough, which tasted primarily of chocolate and a bit nutty, maybe from the miso.

The food overall at the Shoryu Ramen x Final Fantast VII Rebirth Set Menu was fantastic, as expected from Shoryu. I do feel they could have done more special theming – last time, they had little feathers on the cocktails and cute flags on the food. I do wish this menu had a few more touches that nodded at the game. The place mat had very fun art, and we both enjoyed our coasters!

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