Radical Rabbit Stew is so full of levels omg

Look, I have been playing demos of Radical Rabbit Stew for absolute ages. I can get through the entire first world in so little time, beating the first boss and moving into the greater campaign in my sleep. However, now that the game is fully released, it turns out that I’m not actually as good at the game as I thought.

Let me set the scene: You are an alien chef whose home has been infiltrated by alien rabbits who were just hungry, and so they decided to steal all of your friends and use them as personal chefs to feed their massive hunger. This kidnapping is not something you are going to just stand by, so instead, you are fighting back by knocking rabbits into soup pots so they get blasted off into space.That’s Radical Rabbit Stew.

This all sounds crazy, but trust me, it’s completely amazing. I really love the quality of the cutscenes within the game that help tell these stories. The worlds within Radical Rabbit Stew are lovely, each with their own theme in the galaxy, as you take on level after level — filled with coins to collect, rabbits to put in their place, and new spoons to unlock.

Spoons are your only weapon, but there are enough of them to have variety within the game. At first, you’ll be using spoons to knock back rabbits, pushing them into pots, but soon your spoon gets upgrades that allow you to hit harder at distance or one with a hand, that you can use to go forward and grab rabbits from around corners, really changing the puzzle elements to the game. 

New elements can be found in each world — suddenly you’ll need to watch closely to see how the world can be played rabbits start sinking in deeper water and only by viewing them at the start will you understand that. These small details, the juicy bits of graphics, the level design and secrets you can find — all of that makes Radical Rabbit Stew so tempting.

It’s too bad I suck so badly at the game itself. After tossing the controller to Dann having given up for the millionth time, unsure how to get up to a rabbit hanging out in a bit of island above me surrounded by water or space that can suck me up. I’d even found myself not trying to get the bonus coins. Dann, of course, could easily find his way somehow. He would suddenly blast his character through a beautiful labyrinth that we didn’t even get to play in, before getting us to the end of the level to play around in. All of these details, which can be simply missed or not discovered, make me wonder exactly what I am missing by not collecting coins or what wonders lurk beyond a platform that pushes me out.

Radical Rabbit Stew is so much more than a simplistic puzzle game; it’s got many levels to keep you interested, hidden coins to keep you looking for the next one, and amazing boss levels; each taking the form of smaller worlds where you need to move carefully and attack swiftfully. Every design element has been done in a way that really makes the whole setting feel great. If you’re a fan of puzzle games, this is one of the better straight puzzle games that I have played in a long time, and I am unsure if it will be matched in the near future too.

You can find Radical Rabbit Stew on Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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