Psycho Killer: The Card Game has you attempting to stay alive.

Psycho Killer: The Card Game  has you and your friends attempting to survive being attacked by a killer! This simple to play card game doesn’t put one of you in the role of the killer, instead it has everyone look out for themselves as they dig through the deck, which hides five killer cards. 

As previously mentioned, Psycho Killer: The Card Game is a very simple game to play. Each player in this two to six player card game starts off with seven cards in their hands. These cards come in a variety of categories; some being weapons which can harm you, others being action cards or cards that mess with other player’s cards, there’re also cards that can be used to heal yourself in the case that you’ve been attacked. On your turn, you are able to play any number of cards from your hand or play none at all. At the end of your turn, unless you played a card that said otherwise, you then need to draw a card into your hand.

The card that you draw into your hand might be a black card; an event or a killer. In which case, they need to be played instantly, and often affect all of the players. Killers, of which there are five, will force everyone to play all of the weapons from their hands in front of them. These weapons actually attack you specifically, so these become your injury bank. If you hit 10 injury points in this bank, you are then knocked down, at this point you can still continue to play as usual, however you don’t trigger event cards and can instead press them onto other players using cards. The killer is added to the injury area of the person who drew the card.

The game ends when all the killers are played — then the players must see who has the least amount of harm, and they are the winner. Of course, there are a lot of ways to get rid of weapons and heal yourself. Cards in the deck have you removing harm from any harm bank and then placing them into anyone’s hands. Another has you removing a killer from your pile, putting them back on the top of the draw pile. 

These different cards can be incredibly powerful, as can cards that have you gifting a card to another player, allowing you to get rid of any sort of weapons you have. Psycho Killer: The Card Game does have some cards that you can choose to play as soon as you draw them, though this is often a strategic decision. So much of this game is actually a bunch of choices that you need to make, to ensure other people are playing weapons and you are steering clear of them! At one point, during our groups’ game, I became a backstabber, meaning everybody needed to add their weapons to their injury piles — I played that card when I had no weapons in my hand, and watched two of our friends nearly faint! 

Psycho Killer: The Card Game is a really easy game to understand and play. The cards are well written and feel balanced — clearly telling you exactly what they do. At the same time, there is a lot of strategy within the game as well, especially as you see what cards you end up in your hand and decide when’s the best time to use them.

You can find Psycho Killer: The Card Game on Amazon.

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