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Professional Yet Versatile — Thoughts on the WsC Prowler Apple Watch Strap

When finding the right accessories to go with your outfit, nothing says ‘polished’ quite like just the right watch to go with your ensemble.

With a sleek, professional design and lightweight, stainless steel deployment clasp, the Prowler Apple Watch strap from WsC is a staple piece for any Apple Watch wearer. 

When finding the right accessories to go with your outfit, nothing says ‘polished’ quite like just the right watch to go with your ensemble. The importance of a great looking watch cannot be understated. You could easily take your look from casual to professional with a blazer and a beautiful watch.

However, if you have an Apple Watch, it can be difficult to find the right strap that does not make your watch either stand out like a sore thumb, or look too “sporty” and unprofessional with your clothes.

Enter, the WsC (The Watch Strap Company) and their sets of versatile, durable watch straps for any occasion. WsC offers stainless steel, leather, woven nylon and silicone bands for Apple Watches, as well as a wide range of sizes, from 38mm to 44mm. Their prices are very affordable, ranging from £39 to £129, offering a strap for every budget.

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the WsC Prowler — a classy black strap with crocodile-embossed leather and lined with nubuck. I chose to go with the rose gold option as a vast majority of my outfits would look good with that finish.

Opening the box was a luxurious experience. The strap was carefully boxed in packaging that would make a great gift, therefore the presentation made a good impression from the start. The connectors to the Apple Watch went in easily, and after I figured out how to use the deployment clasp it was easy on/easy off from there. The deployment clasp is very conveniently used by pushing in the two side pieces. It feels very secure when you snap it on your wrist.

I did a few tests while wearing the strap to ensure that it would be as versatile as possible. Having a watch that looks professional and polished is important, but if it doesn’t hold up to daily use it might not be a great option.

As I live in the good ole South here in the United States, it is approximately 5,000 degrees C/F/K and 500% humidity. I had to make sure that the strap did not make my wrist sweat, and did not slip around too much while I was taking a hike outside or exercising indoors. The Prowler surprised me here: it’s very lightweight, and had no problem holding up to the weather outside. My wrist did not sweat and the watch moved very little. I keep my watch a bit loose on my wrist, and it did not get uncomfortable with running either. 

All in all, the Prowler is an excellent choice for both personal and professional use. The WsC Prowler is listed for £79 — but is currently on sale for £59. The best part? Their shop converts to US dollars, making the Prowler currently priced at $88.50 ($118.50 when not on sale). They ship worldwide, and shipping is well under $10 USD.

Lightweight, sleek looking and versatile, I can say after a solid week of use that this watch strap will serve you and your outfits well.

The Prowler Apple Watch strap is available at WsC’s online shop.

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