Power Sink – Underwater Puzzles

Go into the depths of the ocean, find various power orbs and connect them onto dodgy, old buildings to ensure that the colony has power. In Power Sink, that’s your job. As a little creature, you need to jump and sink your way through a bunch of puzzles, bringing power to those who are above the water.

At first, this is an easy task: There are levers to pull and orbs to plant in the exact right place, however as you progress there are sequences and specific paths to follow The movement in Power Sink is really floaty, as if you are constantly being pulled underwater as you take big, slow jumps. This adds to the challenge as you explore. 

Power Sink is about solving these puzzles and bringing power to the world, but as you explore the world’s connection to the power grid, you also learn about your own collection to the world that relies on this long-forgotten power grid. Your colony does need power, but the structures below are historical and hold a lot of secrets and mysteries to be unearthed t as you bumble about adding light to it. 

Power Sink has some tricky puzzles and challenging jumps as you explore around. In the limited demo that I got to play at Courage XL, I really enjoyed the underwater feel and the puzzles that I encountered. The audio was also very good and added to the atmosphere of the game itself. There is something interesting about wandering around the sea and fixing the power — refreshingly, for the settling, the developers didn’t add any horror or suspense elements.

Power Sink

Currently, you can wishlist Power Sink on Steam or download a free demo and take a look for yourself.

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