Popmaster Card Game challenges your pop music knowledge

Now, I am not someone who knows much trivia generally, but I do find it fun to try out trivia games when hanging out with my friends! The Popmaster Card Game is a pocket-sized trivia game that focuses on pop music. I like listening to pop music, but I clearly do not know anything about the bands around them.

Popmaster Card Game is a very simple game to follow. The first player takes a card and reads the first question to the person to their right. That person needs to answer the question correctly, to gain a point, and move onto the next question. Then, if they get that question correct, they get to answer the final question too. If that player gets any question wrong, the card is then placed at the bottom of the deck and it continues around.

Popmasters card game

The first question is always multiple choice, which is quite a good start. The second question is often about an album or band, whereas the third is normally about a year that is significant to a specific band or artist. These questions seem to be all based on the United Kingdom, along with the charts within specifically the United Kingdom.

We found that Popmaster Card Game has a good variety of questions and a lot of information that can be learned from it. For us, going left on the table was kind of slow and felt a bit lackluster. We ended up playing “speed rounds” where one person would read out the bottom, most challenging question, and then everyone could shout out the answer. If someone got it right, they got the card to keep as a point. If everyone got it wrong, the announcer would ask the next question and see if anyone knew that. This speed way of playing felt much more fun and full of energy! However, none of us were actually that good at this trivia so maybe if we were better at our knowledge it would have been more fun in the slower mode.

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