Points & Tabs: 26th of January 2017

Hello, and welcome to today’s Points & Tabs where we settle down after a long day’s something and link out to the shifts in the industry that we’ve covered, and those that we haven’t.


When it rains, it pours.

Today we’ve had announcements for Dirt 4, Pillars of Eternity 2, a partnership between Marvel & Square Enix, and that’s before we even get to the console bound journeys that titles like This is the Police & Portal Knights will be going on.

The biggest news on the site today however was actually our news of Hellion’s approach to early access which we ran on the 25th. [] . Let it never be said that the industry is predictable.

Video Games News, From B3’s Mouth,

Video Review – A Normal Lost Phone
Greenlight Highlight – Leaving Lyndow
News – Polykid Set Release Date For Poi
News – Skate City Teaser Trailer Shows Mobile Skating Game
News – Five New Studios Incorporated by Former Rockstar North President, Also Trademarks Potential New Title
News – Dirt 4 is Happening
News – A Week on from the Punch Club 3DS Release, here’s a Launch Trailer
News ,- This is the Police, the Game, not the Declaration, is Coming to Xbox One, PS4; Release Trailer Within
News – Enter The Gungeon’s Free Content Pack on PC is Massive; Trailer, Details Within
News – Latest Trailer Tries to Explain what the Hell Happened to Bolivia Before Ghost Recon: Wildlands
News – Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! Gets a Release Date & Launch Trailer
News – Mass Effect Andromeda’s New Trailer Features Beats, Bang-Bangs, and Baddies
News – Portal Knights Heading for Full Release; PS4 & Xbox One Versions Announced, Trailer’d
News – Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Announced, Seeks Funding on Fig; Details, Trailer Within
News – Ghost Recon: Wildlands Gets Beta Date
News – NieR: Automata to Host Third Live Stream Tomorrow
News – The Surge Release Month Confirmed Alongside Game Cinematic Release
News – Tiny Game Dev Let’s You Build a Gaming Development Company From Your Mobile
News – Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom 2017 Release Date Nailed Down, Launches for PS4 & PC

And, here’s what we didn’t get the chance to cover, from the source.
  • Mobius Final Fantasy, a free to play FF mobile game is going to launch on Steam on the 6th of February. It’ll play host to a FF7 remake themed event the following day.
  • Loot Rascals, from Hollow Ponds, is confirmed as launching on PS4 & PC on the 7th of March, Those curious can find the ol’ PS4 announce trailer (here)
  • Microsoft released a trailer explaining the mysterious Game Mode that will be coming to Windows 10 soon. Game Mode will streamline PC operations to squeeze a bit more gaming juice from it’s… nah, I’m out of fruit based puns now, the rest were just pulp. (trailer)
  • Perfect World Entertainment confirmed in a press release that the previously mentioned expansion for Star Trek Online will be coming to consoles on the 14th of February. The update will be called Agents of Yesterday, and will send players back in time to protect the past and, subsequently, save the future.
  • Ace Combat 7 received an extended trailer which confirmed that the title will be launching for Xbox One & PC in addition to the PS4 (Trailer)
  • In what is surely the biggest news we missed, Marvel and Square Enix announced a partnership in licensing which will result in a multi-game deal between the two. Square Enix announced they are already at work on an Avengers game which will be independent from the films and will launch in 2018. If they can add the Lara Croft: Temple of Light spice to Marvel Ultimate Avengers then they are surely onto a winner.
  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 received a new trailer all about shooting people from a distance, and being all sneaky-beaky. (Trailer)
  • Kasedo Games published a new trailer for Project Highrise, in part celebrating the sales and progress of the title, but also touching on the ‘lobbies’ update which has just come forth. (Trailer)
  • The Horatio faction update for Endless Space 2 went live today adding a new major faction (who had starred in the first game) as well as three minor factions, a new tech tree system, new victory conditions and more.
  • Lightbulb Games, who were comprised of core members of the Press Play team have received a major investment into their team. Gamereactor.eu have the details laid out in a vastly more eloquent manner (here)
  • Cossacks 3 developer GSC Game World took to their Steam page to announce a new expansion for the popular strategy game. Rise to Glory will add two new campaigns as well as new nations, settings, scenarios and units. (Post)
  • Water Planet, a beautiful looking VR project from a developer and publisher combo who have covered both games development and audio production before, looks outstanding. It’s got a Steam page just over here.
  • UnDungeon has passed it’s 50k Euro goal with 17 days left on the clock. Fans of ARPGs and roguelikes would not suffer ill should they peruse its fine offerings in the time remaining. (Kickstarter)

We run these round-ups from Monday to Saturday, so make sure to check back tomorrow.

If you think we missed something then why not drop it into the comments below? We’ll jump right on getting it fixed.

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