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PDP Afterglow Wave Controller for Xbox – Stunningly impressive

When it comes to Xbox Controllers, we have quite the collection of official controllers that our children have picked out. They each have a custom controller, with the colors picked out themselves, and their names on them. These controllers were used almost exclusively until the PDP Afterglow Wave Controller for Xbox came into our home. 

This wired controller lights up in an impressive array of colors, flowing down the sides and under the thumbsticks. As this is our first wired controller, I figured it would be primarily used for PC gaming with a controller, but Robin really loves the lights! They are so vibrant and beautiful, always flowing showing that the controller is on. I’ve not seen a more visually impressive controller in my time playing games!

The PDP Afterglow Wave Controller for Xbox is quite well made. There is a jack for a headset in the controller itself, along with a mute button that allows you to easily mute your microphone and has a visual light so you can see quickly if you are muted or not. The thumbsticks have a bit of texture to them, as do the LT and RT button, and the back of the grip. These textures are quite nice, and easy on the hands.

On the underside, there are two quick buttons that, if you aren’t used to them, you might tap from time to time. It’s a nice option though if you need a quick button press! The Y, B, A, X buttons, along with the Xbox button, are raised, and feel nice to press. The D-Pad has little icons on it, to show what they do. 

PDP Afterglow Wave Controller for Xbox

The PDP Afterglow Wave Controller that we got is wired, but the wire is very long and hasn’t had any real issues in a household of only wireless — and to be honest, it’s good to have a controller that we don’t need to always put back on charge when we are done! They come in a bunch of different base colors, allowing you to pick the best one for you! It’s a lovely, affordable controller that looks stunning — what more could you ask for?

You can get your own PDP Afterglow Wave Controller for Xbox on their website.

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