Party Hard 2 Announced, Alpha Sign-ups Open

The party killings are back: Party Hard 2 announced by tinyBuild.

tinyBuild Games have just announced that Party Hard 2 is a thing, following the first game’s success. For added context, the original Party Hard – released in 2015 – put us in the shoes (and knife) of Darius, a man who has a hard time getting to sleep if there are people out there partying and having fun. That leads him to crashing parties, killing every single person around.

This time around, though, we will be playing as a brand new character as we learn from the game’s press release. Party Hard 2 will take place 10 years after its predecessor, and the protagonist’s motive this time around is not getting his Christmas Bonus, which will enrage him to the point of murdering everyone who is celebrating at a corporate party or, at least, trying to do so – it is up to the player that he succeeds or fails.

On top of this, players interested in testing out the game can already sign up for the alpha here and, if how the first game went is anything to go by, we can all expect more alphas to happen before the game releases.

Those who don’t sign up for the alpha will still be able to play the game at PAX East (March 10-12), as the aforementioned press release goes on to specify. Last, but not least, we also get to know that the game is scheduled for a PC release in Summer this year. You can enjoy the game’s announcement trailer below.

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