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Papers, Please, Official Short Film Out Now

Glory to Arstotzka


An official short film based on Lucas Pope’s hit Papers, Please is out now for your viewing pleasure, available through both YouTube (which you can watch below) and Steam.

Bringing the fictional, document-loving nation of Arstotzka to life, Papers, Please focuses on the border post in East Grestin and weaves a gritty story of war, poverty and oppression. Written, produced and directed by Nikita Ordynskiy, Liliya Tkach and Lucas Pope respectively, the 11-minute film does a wonderful service to the game’s dystopian overtones and setting with the perfectly casted grizzled square chin of Igor Savochkin taking the lead role.

For those out of the loop, Papers, Please is a well-recieved game by Lucas Pope which came out in 2013; set in the above mentioned dystopian Arstotzka set around the Soviet / Cold War era in which you reprise the role of a border agent sent to work by the Ministry Of Labour, where you have to juggle increasingly more complex document cross-checking whilst also using your commission pay to keep your family alive, warm and healthy – along the way you meet interest characters, get attacked multiple times, wind up in the middle of a conspiracy cult and all sort of other misfortunes that land on your tired, malnourished shoulders along with one of the greatest game theme tunes to come out of an indie game.

You can watch the film below, or over on Steam.

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