Pack Master — cute and colorful suitcases

Often, the most simple ideas are ones that make for the most fun gameplay. Pack Master, a simplistic yet juicy mobile puzzle game is one such game. 

In Pack Master, you are tasked with packing various items into a suitcase… and that’s basically it. All of your suitcases are peculiar shapes, full of color and weird spaces to fit items into! Cactuses, diamonds, octagons — all sorts of odd sizes. 

Pack Master

Your items are all around the suitcase, unable to be rotated and instead need to be placed into the suitcase so that each item is highlighted in green. If anything is red then it’s overlapping another item or a suitcase edge and cannot be put in.

As you progress, you are given a passport and told what country you are in or working towards. You’re also given a diverse amount of suitcases. Some have dividers, giving you different areas to work in, while others have objects already in them, which cannot be moved from their place.

Pack Master

Occasionally, you’ll be given a second bag (lucky you, getting a ticket with two carry-on bags) which you can fill up as well. Sometimes, when you feel you have packed a suitcase and there is a touch of extra room, you’re reminded of something you forgot and are given another item to shuffle into the bag. 

Pack Master has a lot of cute visuals, like rainbow confetti when the suitcase is complete, as well as a sequence where you get to see exactly what the adorable outside of this case looks like. It’s a clever yet simple concept that really is quite fun to play around with. 

This is a free game, but it does contain a lot of ads. The more you play, the more ads come between each level. You can use an in-app purchase to get rid of the ads, if you really love the game, which is worth it. 

Pack Master can be found on Android or iOS

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