Oco is a calming, one-touch, minimalist platformer with dynamic audio

Oco, from Spectrum48, is a captivating platformer with an interesting difficulty curve and simple, one-touch controls.

Among the entrants of the Develop Big Indie Pitch, Oco stood out as one of the more refined, feature-complete projects on show. Interesting level palettes combined with procedurally generated music give the game a memorable style, while the simple, single-tap controls are likely to make it easy to pick up and play.

The gist of Oco’s levels are quite simple: collect all the golden coins by using different coloured platforms to change the route of your white, square character. These coloured platforms come in the form of bounce pads, speed modifiers and more. It no doubt gets quite intense in some of the later levels, with the music intensifying to match the more complex designs.

Perhaps most interestingly, Oco comes complete with a level editor which rewards you with in-game currency for making popular levels — as each is shared among other players. Creating new levels is simply a case of painting the spherical area around the center point as you wish. You can even set the genre of music you’d like the game to use while making up a tune for the level — assuming you’ve unlocked the music, that is.

The unlocks are, pleasantly, aesthetic: music genres and background colours are all unlockable via tapping challenges, completing levels or making popular custom levels, with no gateway to progress.

You can download Oco for free for Android and iOS mobile devices. I’d play a PC version. Just saying.

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