Obey the Clay is fast action clay creating

Obey The Clay is a very simple game to pick up and play based around quick modelling and whacky antics.

A family-friendly game where players split into two teams, Obey The Clay even fits if you have a smaller group or an odd number of players— one person can be the clay master. Otherwise, the team whose turn it isn’t gets to be the clay master.

It’s all about building a models and performing actions depending on which card is drawn, however the way to win is tied entirely to a clever, timer trick all about being consistently faster than the opponent.

Obey the Clay

There’s an included sand timer (one which has a lovely sand noise effect) that starts out balanced, but as teams play will shift to have less sand for the slower of the teams. Play, then, is as simple as reading out the card for the opposite team before starting the timer. Players then  have that amount of time to complete a task using clay and sometimes clay eyes. Once that team has completed the task the timer gets flipped and the other side of the card gets read. This task then needs to be completed by the other team… and repeat.

The tasks in Obey The Clay are fun, quick and quirky! Some have you leaving the playing area — like creating a bee out of clay and making it go to a plant. Others have you creating silly things like worms and then putting them over the heads of your teammates who need to chirp like birds. A lot of cards have you humming or whistling tunes that the other player needs to guess correctly, all while making something out of clay.

Obey The Clay quickly becomes a chaotic, frantic game of making something with the clay, asking if it fits the card, then trying quickly to read the next card out so the other team can go. It’s just chaos in the best possible way. The timer does feel a little short for cards that require you to do activities away from the table, but our group was quite generous with the timer as we were enjoying ourselves. The team that has their timer run out on them does lose, ending the game.

Obey the Clay

Obey The Clay is quite fun and makes for a good ice breaker or game to play with younger kids. This game feels like it would be really fun at a party after a few drinks too, especially with the silly-ness that comes with so many of the tasks.

You can purchase Obey The Clay on Amazon.

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