NPCville: The Story of The Blacksmith has you fixing your own MMORPG

Ever wonder what the NPCs of MMORPGs think once the game itself has gone out of fashion and no longer has players? NPCville: The Story of the Blacksmith has you playing as a character who is bored in her now deserted game, and is looking to draw players back in, so that she has more things to do and more people to play with!

With the threat of your world’s servers being closed down due to dwindling interest in your game, you need to come up with a quick solution to keep players interested in your town. Amy, the Blacksmith in the town, starts by picking different quests and putting them up for players — because, surely with something new to do for rewards, those who are playing your game will spend more time actually exploring and interacting.

NPCville: The Story of the Blacksmith

From there, you are able to start crafting different materials and selling cool weapons, which gives you money to then give out as rewards for your quests. Starting this little ecosystem in your part of the town also ignites some interest from other NPCs, who can help you or give you new ideas on what you should be doing to keep players interested. 

Along with creating these interactions for players, you can also go and help them battle by finding them attacking monsters and upgrading their equipment to give them the upper hand in fights. Soon, you can even create fun in-game events that you host for other players, so that you can create more of a buzz in the MMORPG. 

NPCville: The story of the Blacksmith is a game that doesn’t take itself seriously. There are so many funny bits of dialogue and storylines that deliver both a lot of joy and heart. You can actually become friends with the other NPCs in the game, unlocking different storylines and learning more about them. 

I got the chance to play some of the demo of NPCville: The Story of the Blacksmith at Gamescom, and I was captivated by the humor and writing! It’s very fun to create your own little world inside of a game.

NPCville: The Story of the Blacksmith

NPCville: The Story of the Blacksmith currently does not have a release date, but you can wishlist the game on Steam.

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