Nour: Play with your Food is a trippy, relaxing food game

Nour: Play with your Food is a game that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time — regularly seeing the beautiful and vibrant foods show up on Twitter as its worked its way through development. Now it’s out, so I dived in to see what I could do with these colorful and fun creations! 

Nour: Play with your Food is unlike any other game I have ever played. There are various scenes that have some mouthwatering food on them, which you can play with! Most of the time you actually start the scene with no real food, but can push keys on your keyboard to make the food rain from the sky. You can further change where the food is dropping from, what items are dropping, and use a bunch of tools to change your food.

Most of these foods are things you have seen before and most likely have even tried. Quickly, you can learn what the different tools do, and you can find yourself adding salt to the dish or adding food coloring to change what it looks like. There is even a level where you can grind cherries and chocolate, to see what it makes. Nour: Play with your Food doesn’t have any sort of goals or time limits, instead, tthe actual bit of the game that guides you is also open ended, just introducing what keys you can press in the specific scene, before letting you play. At one point, I made my popcorn into a glowing disco dance party. There are musical elements to the game, especially as you tap the keys on your keyboard, which brings more joyfulness to the experience.

Nour: Play with your Food

Nour: Play with your Food is such a strange and wonderful game. It will captivate you and you will find yourself wanting to see what the next food you can interact with is. As you go through the different foods, you will find that in the selection menu, they are hidden until you play with them. When I played the game, I actually couldn’t figure out how to get back to this menu to pick a new dish, and ended up quitting the game and re-loading the main menu each time I wanted to be done playing with a specific dish, which feels clumsy and like I am missing something — but I am not quite sure what.

Nour: Play with your Food is a trippy, fun, colorful way to experience digital food, and is so beyond anything I have ever played. It’s well worth picking up, especially if you are a fan of food or have a young one who would enjoy a digital toy!

You can currently get Nour: Play with your Food on Steam and Playstation.

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