Noun Town Language Learning helps you learn a language!

There are lots of different language apps out there, but certainly not many that are in VR! Noun Town Language Learning is a VR (and PC) game where you can tinker around with objects in a quirky, 3D World, to learn a different language.

Noun Town Language Learning is a game that requires a microphone, as you will be instructed to talk into your microphone to get the pronunciations correct on various words and phrases. Exploring around the town, you will find a bunch of different items that you can interact with, giving you the word in the desired language that you want to learn. This word will be said to you, and you can even repeat it back a few times to see if you can say it correctly.

Noun Town Language Learning

You can also hear various conversations that are happening around you, and attempt to talk in conversations yourself. There are a lot of key learning features within this game, but there is also a balance of mini-games and interactive aspects that make it feel more like a game than actually learning. You can customize your home, drive a car around, and even make a robot.

Exploring around Noun Town Language Learning is free form and fun. There isn’t a whole lot of direction and instead you can spend your time exploring and discovering the various things you want to learn. I got the chance to play some of Noun Town Language Learning at WASD this year —- which I would argue isn’t the best place to actually play the game as the microphone couldn’t pick up me speaking against the background noise. Still, I was impressed by what I saw and really enjoyed the graphics of the game too, which felt quirky and captivating.

You can find Noun Town Language Learning on Steam.

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