Noodle Champ — Live your dreams, pay your debt

You know when people say ‘Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’? Well, I freakin’ love eating ramen. I love noodles, I’m practically a Noodle Champ! They’re so easy to cook, you can do it in a microwave, so nice to eat, a variety of flavors — and it’s quite cheap, if I am honest.

But, I also racked up debt. I have no idea how, but now I owe a loan shark like 7,000$ and that’s way too much money, to be completely honest. So, just like any other millenial, I have decided to turn to the internet and start livestreaming what I love; eating ramen.

After setting up my camera, I basically need to eat as much ramen as I can in a single session, hoping for donations as I go. Quickly moving ramen into my mouth and chewing, viewing the comments, and waiting for that sweet sweet paycheck. As my mouth is full, I don’t really need to reply to comments — I just need to continue to eat! Easy.

They call me Noodle Champ — the champion of eating noodles. It’s a struggle, almost like button bashing in a video game (which is how you play), but I am doing what I love.

After a session of streaming, I can then go pay off the loan shark OR buy more noodles from the super cute cashier at the corner shop. Buying a variety does help; I can chew them faster, cook them faster, and bring more to my mouth at once depending on the noodles I take home.

Then, we go back to my *job* of eating all these noodles. Eventually, I can bring in hundreds of dollars per stream, all by being a Noodle Champ.

You can be a Noodle Champ too, for free, on

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