Night at the Movies Puzzle is more than an average jigsaw

Big Potato Games is most known for their adorable board games, which are often easy to pick up and play with a group of friends. Our board game group has been a big fan of Big Potato Games for quite some time, especially as they changed their packaging and their board games in order to make them more sustainable. Recently, Big Potato Games have started publishing beautiful jigsaw puzzles, and we just had to have a look, starting with Night at the Movies

Night at the Movies is a large, 1000 piece puzzle, with a lot of the same colors and tones throughout. This provides for a bit of a challenge. Having a puzzle that is this big already does take some time, but the details in the picture themselves do take some time to put together, as there is just so much going on. The color theme for this specific puzzle has a lot of blue and purple tones that blend together, so you might find a piece that looks like it goes somewhere, but it might go in a completely different, but similar color, area. 

One of the reasons this puzzle is so detailed is because it actually holds mini riddles for 101 different movies. These movies can be spotted and referenced through the pictures that you see within the puzzle. When I had heard of this concept, I assumed the puzzle would be more of a “Where’s Waldo” moment where the paper inside the box said stuff like “Clockwork Orange” and you had to find it on the completed puzzle. I do think that concept would work really well, but Night at the Movies actually highlights each riddle on it’s map, along with a blank to write down the name of the movie you think it is referencing too.

Night at the Movies Puzzle


There are a lot of movies on here, and a lot of different people who don’t have anything to do with the movies really and are just chilling out on the puzzle’s world. Though Night at the Movies isn’t a normal tabletop game, our tabletop group has been chipping away at the puzzle, while waiting for others to arrive for finish dinner, which has provided our group with something fun to do! The kids even started in on the puzzle once it was out for a little while, which was very fun for our family. It’s great to see Big Potato Games expand and to have this awesome twist on a puzzle in our collection.

You can find the Night at the Movies puzzle on Amazon.

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