Nexon Announce Hyper Universe, a Side-On MOBA, for 2017 Release in Americas, Europe & Oceania

NEXON have announced that their side-scrolling MMO, Hyper Universe, will be coming to nigh-worldwide markets later this year.

Hyper Universe has confirmed for North America, Latin America, Europe & Oceania release later on this year. The title has been in development with South Korean developer CWAVESOFT for some time and underwent beta testing there near the end of last year.

The press release stressed the uniqueness of vertical maps, with five turret layers and multiple-levels to them. Indeed, outside of the… awesome… Awesomenauts I’ve not seen the idea of a platforming MOBA pulled off well.

The Hypers that lend their name to the game are a wide range of heroes inspired by popular culture that have “insane abilities”. Example Hypers range from “a mage who rains down giant snowmen on his enemies, to a mongoose riding astride an armoured rhinoceros, to a tentacled Admiral with the power of the kraken at his call” and there’s apparently a whole lot more.

The place to watch is reportedly where you can sign up for the future beta tests and to be kept informed on the game’s progress.

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