News | Stygian Takes to Kickstarter

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, a deeply layered turn based RPG with an extremely in depth non-combat driven story, has taken to Kickstarter

Cultic Games first outing was covered in our [Green Genie series] earlier on in the week where we described it as – “An isometric RPG with Baldur’s Gate level of conversation trees and a very cool turn based hex combat system. All set in a hand drawn representation of the ruins of a city consumed by evil and destroyed by Lovecraftian horrors.”

The developers are looking for 55’000 Euros before the 1st of July in order to fund the project successfully. If you like the look of the trailer below then why not head over to their [Kickstarter Page] in order to have a further look at the game’s extensive features list.

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