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News | Serial Cleaner, a Stealth Clean-Em-Up, Announced.


iFun4all (Red Game Without a Great Name, Green Game: Timeswapper) have released a teaser for their next game, Serial Cleaner.

It’s a game which sees a moustachioed protagonist rapidly clearly up crime scenes while trying to avoid detection from the police. There’s certainly a dark feeling to the game, however it’s hidden under a thick layer of 1970’s aesthetics, from the main character’s looks to the settings. I must say that I’m rather taken with the art style on show, I’m a sucker for pastel shading and low poly effects.

There’s not much else known about the game, however the developers have said that the game will use ‘Real-World Data’ to alter levels to reflect the time of day, and the player’s location. Formats are also not confirmed, but the dev team have previously updated their mobile game, Red Game Without a Great Name, to PC. Hopefully confirmation of formats and a release date will come soon.

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