Newest Empires Apart DevLog Gives Us a Look at its Civilizations and their Differences

DESTINYbit have released their fourth development log for their upcoming RTS, Empires Apart.

We haven’t actually covered the wonderful looking Empires Apart thus far; mainly because the first we heard of it was when the developers, DESTINYbit, signed on with Slitherine as publisher back in July. At the time we were still eating through all of the donuts and pizza we had bought to celebrate getting the site up and running — that and the fact that, while they’ve been doing regular updates they’ve been doing them over on Reddit and through streams; streams we have missed.

The silence has been broken however as the developers have released their fourth development log, detailing and showcasing the map generation system, as well as the diversity of the existing civilisations you can choose from. You can find that trailer below.

There are now three factions in the game; French, Chinese, and Aztecs, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses; abilities like the French Knight’s ability to charge opponents, or the Aztec warrior’s upgrading through combat, are very cool to see, and certainly inspire a lot of faith in the final game’s ability to stand out amongst the rekindled RTS genre.

Map generation is also covered in the trailer, showing off an interesting map generation system which includes the ability to define certain parts of the landform before feeding it through the system.

Empires Apart  is expected to contain at least six factions when it launches. It is anticipated to launch into early access in 2017, and release for Windows PC & Mac.

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