Nacon Pro Compact Colorlight is a stunning controller

Previously, Nacon has released two different Pro Compact controllers — one in a camo skin and another that’s more generic. We were impressed with both of these controllers, as they were a great value for the price, but the Nacon Pro Compact Colorlight is the one that I cannot keep my eyes off of. This controller is designed to be quite similar to the Pro Compact, but with some beautiful, customizable lights within the controller, making it a vibrant, fun controller to play your games with.

The shell of the controller is clear, allowing you to see the entire inside of the controller and its components. There are six LED lights inside the controller as well, which can light up to give you a really cool look. These lights are toggled by a button on the back of the controller, that you can press to turn it on and off. There is also a switch on the back that can change the controller between one color and a rainbow look.

You are able to do far more than turn the lights on/off and change them to rainbow though! Using the Nacon App, you can divide up the lights, pick what specifically you want to see in the rainbow, or create whatever design you’d like. This app is really easy to use, and also gives you features like making the lights fade over time and come back. If you are looking for a controller that brings a lot of joy and brightness to your gameplay, the Nacon Pro Compact Colorlight is one that really brightens up my gaming evenings.

Beyond the lighting effects, the Nacon Pro Compact is as awesome as the previous Pro Compact. It works well on PC or Xbox via USB. The controller itself is slightly smaller than official Xbox controllers, which makes them easier to hold for longer amounts of time. The controller can be remapped, so that the buttons are changed and the sensitivity of the different sticks can be adjusted, so that you have a perfect controller for your gameplay style.

Nacon Pro Compact Colorlight

The Nacon Pro Compact Colorlight is a wired controller, but the where itself is three metres long, and there is a plug by the USB, which will disconnect if you have a big pull on the controller instead of dragging your Xbox forward. The thumbpads are quite nice too, with one of them containing the Nacon logo itself. The shell of the controller, because it is transparent, is made of shiny, slippery plastic instead of matte plastic, which does feel slightly different to the previous controller, but is one well worth the feel if you are interested in the beautiful lights.

It is very nice to have this addition to the Nacon Pro Compact collection, furthering the designs and customizations that there are with these quality controllers. The quality expected is still there,  just with this new, added light-related feature. This controller is only slightly more expensive than the Nacon Pro Compact and with the added lights, it’s worth the price if you want something colorful and bright!

You can find the Nacon Pro Compact Colorlight on their website.

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