Nacho Stack – Food-Themed Dexterity Game

Who doesn’t like a big plate of nachos? Nacho Stack is a game that happens in two parts; the first part is creating the nacho stack and the second part is about ‘eating’ the nachos themselves. The entire game is made up of triangle chips, wooden jalapenos tokens and the box itself.

As we played with some younger members of our family, we did not take the set-up of the game as seriously as you could. We wanted to make sure that all of the nachos in Nacho Stack were actually set up before the start of the game, so if some were placed down and fell, we just put them back up. That first stage, set up, has you splaying all the cards around one half of the box, face down. Each player then takes a turn picking up a random card and balancing them around the open lid of the box, creating a pile of nachos. 

Nacho Stack

If you pick up a card with the jalapeno token, you will then also need to balance that token on the center of the chip too. Finally, chips with the same type of sauce on them shouldn’t touch each other. You and the other players are basically just setting up your pile of nachos. In the rules of the game, if any fall during this phase then you need to collect them as broken chips and add them to your pile. Placing jalapenos can really help with the stack, by adding extra supportive weight, keeping things in place.

Once all of the nachos are set up, the real game begins. On your turn, you need to roll a die which has all of the different toppings for your nachos on it. You will then need to pull a nacho from the stack with the topping you rolled. You can pull any of that type of nacho, however, if you cause any to fall, they need to go in your broken pile, giving you negative points. Eaten nachos that come out clean will give you the points number displayed on them.

Nacho Stack

There is a point in Nacho Stack where you will roll the die and the type of nacho you get won’t be on the stack, which then allows you to pull any nacho you want to add to your pile. Nacho Stack is a really simple game for all ages, and you can play with really any number of players as long as everyone can reach the stack. It makes for a fun party game or a quick-to-set-up-and-play warm-up. 

You can purchase Nacho Stack on Amazon.

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