My Lovely Daughter hands on — Creating creatures to use for your own deeds

A strange, dark, twisted tale — your daughter is dead and your memory is gone. Luckily you have spells that allow you to create other children to fix your problems.

My Lovely Daughter is a twisted point and click adventure game where you play the role of an alchemist who has seemingly died. You have very little memory of what happened before you had died, but you do remember some of your own spells! You also have a magical book that gains knowledge right before you do, helping you along the way.

Your daughter seems to have also died, though dying in this world isn’t that bad. You can easily preserve your daughter and help her fragmented soul form into a full, powerful soul. This soul is currently kept in a furnace, by her bed. You can feed it fragments of other souls, but doing so will cause it to take on the attitude of the fragments. Getting the right percentages of each of these attitudes is the only true way to bring back your daughter.

My Lovely Daughter A Room

You are able to get souls through creating homunculi — basically children made of three ingredients. These ingredients are easy to obtain from shops within the town; meat, ash, wood, for example. Once you have three you can combine them, however, combining three of the exact same material will make stronger homunculi.

My Lovely Daughter a Child

You can then assign the homunculi a name, a room in your home, and give them gifts. Each day you can play with them. They are quite happy in your home. They are also useful — you can travel to the town and have them work jobs they might be good at. Each child has their own emotions like sadness and anger. They are made completely of these emotions and do best at jobs that match them. If they are given a job that doesn’t fit their type, they tend to do poorly, take longer, and not level up as fast.

My Lovely Daughter Ingredients

The stronger your homunculi become, the better quality their materials are. You can get these materials back by sacrificing them — and you will also get fragments to add to your daughter’s soul. This better quality material can be sold at very high prices to townspeople — which will also give you more popularity among the town. Money is key when it comes to keeping your daughter alive as well — balm to keep her body from rotting isn’t cheap!

In the demo I played of My Lovely Daughter while at Casual Connect, I was able to play the first few weeks of taking care of my daughter and killing the homunculi I created. This game is dark, it is meant to creep you out — that’s the point. Although the demo held your hand completely, walking you directly through every single thing you were meant to do, the story behind the game was enough to keep me going.

My Lovely Daughter is a wonderfully creepy point and click game meant for those who like to be slightly disturbed.

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