Muddledash Hands On — An Adorable Race to a Party!

Muddledash Gameplay

Squish! Ping! Blop! Colorful octopus-esque creatures on a race to a party — finding the best routes, punching each other, and using the environment to get ahead.

Muddledash is a super charming racing game where the environment is always different. You and your friends can embark on the race — first picking out their colors and hats before starting. There are a variety of hats to choose from, to show off your personality and to distinguish you from the other characters on the screen.

Once you are ready to go, you all will spawn in a room together. A gift will appear inside of it — waiting to be picked up. This gift, you see, is the key to getting you and your friends into the party, which is far away from where you currently are. Whoever holds this perfectly wrapped present when you make it to the party will be let in first and will be the winner.

Once you start racing, either with or without the present, you will need to use the environment to get ahead. There are slippery areas covered in slime to move quickly over, tentacles that you can run into, which shoot out a single orb to hit someone ahead of you, and jelly blobs that bounce you up to other platforms. Moving forward happens super quickly — you must make quick decisions and always figure out where you’re going next.

If you want the present (and trust me, you probably do), you can punch other characters, causing the present to be flung through the air air once again or stunning them. This is the only direct way to take back the gift! If a player falls off the screen or can’t keep up, they will respawn (as will the gift, if it also goes offscreen).

I got the chance to play Muddledash at PC Gamer Weekender, where I took on both strangers and people I knew. Everyone seemed to love this game (me included) — laughing along, shrieking when they got the gift, and celebrating when we made it to the party. Muddledash is an extremely charming, very fun multiplayer game which brings joy to everyone who plays it.

If you’d like to follow the development of Muddledash, you can check out their website and follow @Slampunks on Twitter.

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