Mucho Taco — Piñatas, resturants, tacos and quests

One moment you’re flinging tacos across the screen, then you’re switching to your restaurant to collect some of the fallen tacos for a bonus. Then in a flash you’re attempting upgrades on the tacos you were making and flinging — there really is a lot going on in Mucho Taco.

This idle mobile game sees you trying to make an empire around the most well known Mexican food: the taco. In Mucho Taco you start off by swiping a humble taco and opening a single stand, but soon the game evolves into a colorful and chaotic challenge each time you open it. There is a lot to take note of within this game. The first screen you are shown is your taco screen, which you can swipe to gain more money. Along the top, you can also see your money, slowly increasing, as well as your current amount of tips. This screen also contains piñatas, which appear occasionally, to be hit for a bonus.

Along the bottom of this page, you can find four major buttons. One takes you to the factory where your quests are. If you complete a quest (you are only given one at a time) you will need to button mash to bake it. Once all three are baked, you’ll get a super piñata that will give you a big bonus for your restaurant. Next to that is a shop where you can trade coins for premium bonuses, like opening up your restaurants with full happiness and multipliers for whatever you want to do.

There is a little sun button that allows you to purchase new tacos and upgrade the ones you currently get to swipe, so you can earn more money. There is a large amount of tacos for you to slowly buy, including a bacon taco and a cute fried fish taco.  

Another button takes you to your restaurants. These restaurants are all over the world, from stands to places shaped like a chili, you must manage them all. Most of these are to help with the idle aspect of the game, as you can open them up for a small fee before letting them run to gain you money, even when the game is closed. Each of these stands can also be upgraded. They have a different luck percentage, as well as a time that it will be open from the start of you waking it up. You can upgrade the tacos per second by making your restaurant better, and you’ll also need to watch the happiness of the chef. There are bonuses, which you can gain from the piñatas or through purchasing them, that can be added to the restaurant. There is also this strange taco moon thing that allows you to fling a taco at a pot floating around you. I am not sure what triggers this, but it gives you a really great bonuses.

Phew. As you can tell, there really is a lot going on. The graphics in Mucho Taco are also equally chaotic and colorful, looking much like a fiesta — especially when you are flinging out tacos! Despite the vast amount of stuff going on, Mucho Taco does a good job of having prompts on the main taco page, showing you other things that can be tended to. A half moon flag shows up when a restaurant is closed — a factory flag if you have completed a quest but not baked it. The game is super fun to watch, especially when it is fiesta time where your tacos have a bonus while flinging and the background becomes intensely colorful, complete with confetti.

I really like tacos and food-related games — the graphics within Mucho Taco is very nicely done and easy to interpret even during all of the chaos. Dipping in and out over the course of a week there is always something to tend too and something grabbing your attention. It’s a very nice idle game. There are a few ads that happen after playing for a bit, but these are worth waiting for — after all, your restaurants can still make money during this time anyway.

You can find Mucho Taco on iOS, Android and the Amazon Appstore.

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