Moving Out 2 feels like a huge upgrade

It is not a secret that I am a huge fan of local multiplayer games, especially ones that can be played with younger children like my daughter Robin, so that the whole family can join in on the action. After nearly 100 percenting Moving Out, when we heard whispers of Moving Out 2, our entire family was full of excitement.

Moving Out 2 has a pretty simple concept; you and your friends are all looking to move items from inside homes to a moving van. Though, sometimes, you are actually moving items from the van into the house. You don’t need to keep the house in good condition — breaking windows, through items, pulling doors off of their hinges are all apart of the game, and add to the chaos.

Moving Out 2

That’s the thing about Moving Out 2, it’s a chaotic co-op game where you are rushing against a timer, and this game goes strong with magical worlds, funny characters, annoying robots… it’s just a fun place to explore. The level select menu has you driving your van around, honking your horn, and selecting levels by driving to them. It’s fun exploring the world this way; some areas have buttons that need to be pushed to move things, to get further.

As you play levels, you will earn stars. The first time you play a level you are just shown the amount of time you have to complete all of the tasks as well as the pro team you can beat to earn an additional star. Once you have completed the level, you are shown hints at how to earn more stars, as well as if there is a character crate hidden in the level too. These stars are used to rank up your moving crew, giving you a higher F.A.R.T. level, so that you can go to new areas of each world and play new levels.

This ranking up system, through the different stars and side quests, is quite fun and adds a lot of reason to re-play levels. After a while, you can sort of go into a level and guess what the side quests are going to be. Many of them seem to be flamingo related! Unlocking new areas is really fun, and it’s great that we are able to dip between the various worlds to pick out the levels we want to try.

Many of the levels in Moving Out 2 are actually more like mini-games! One level has you catching furniture that falls from the top of the screen, in boxes. Another has you using giant sling shots to shoot balls into cookies. These levels just have you trying your hardest before the end of the timer, but are equally as fun and provide a nice break from moving furniture in and out of houses! 

There is also a story that puts the world of Moving Out 2 together, including a bunch of new characters and why these different environments are all near each other, but I will leave that for those who want to read the pop-ups and learn about the characters that are within the world.

Moving Out 2

Moving Out 2 is a really fun, well made game and there is just so many levels and so much to explore. Unlocking characters through crates or DLCs give you lots of options as to who you want to play as and gives you even more to collect. The game feels very polished and is really fun to play. There are options to give a player a bit of a boost, which is helpful in games like this, and unlike Moving Out, you can keep your stars in a save even if you go from playing two player to playing four player, which means you do not need to replay things if you have less people interested in playing. Moving Out 2 is the perfect couch co-op game for the summer and we are delighted with our time playing it together.

You can find Moving Out 2 on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Playstation.

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