Morphies Law: Remorphed — Steal their mass

Mighty morphin fighting robots

It’s morphin time! Morphies Law is a video game about shooting people to steal their mass for yourself. Fighting for a giant robot called your ‘avatar’, you compete in a variety of battle modes, invariably stealing mass to help your avatar.

Your avatar is a robo-dude with the amazing ability to work mostly-normally despite one arm being three meters longer than the other, and having legs the size of prawns. With a total of seven body parts, in Morphies Law, the size of these body parts modify how your character controls, with body parts increasing and decreasing in size when shooting at and being shot in those parts respectively. I mostly shoot people in the torso, which is great, giving me increased health for the large chest and a more powerful butt-rocket from my extremely large rear end.

A morphie with extremly long legs is standing next to a ruler
Legs long enough to crush the opposition!

The changing sizes make for an interesting mechanic, with a quick firefight having the ability to completely change how your character functions, making for a very hectic and somewhat chaotic game. Snipers quickly get very large heads from all their headshots, making them very easy targets for the picking of everyone else. 

A giant morphy is standing in the background, while the player character with a large rear looks at them
“Yeah I think they’re still bigger”

Maps are cleverly made to facilitate playing as different sizes, with traps set to trigger with different heights and weights, and fast traversal via cannons and pneumatic tubes locked to small players creating a very interesting dichotomy between map traversal and personal power. A variety of game modes have been implemented in Morphies law, from basics like your basic points based fights to the death, to more complicated modes like ‘steal the head’ and timed point stealing rounds. These provide a nice mix, allowing you to explore and utilise different styles of morphys depending on the style of map and gameplay required.

Your robots, being the fashionable fellows they are, have a whole host of customisations available, with a wide of mexican style decals available to decorate every limb of your robot. The variety available for you is quite wild, providing a good look for nearly every robot you wish to create. Along with robots, you also have a whole pile of weapon parts to build the gun of your dreams. Each weapon is made out of two parts, the actual shooty gun bit, and then a cool addition part to provide extra functionality like a powerful bazooka attack or defensive umbrellas to weather out the storm. 

A fun team shooter with (as far as I can tell) a very novel concept allowing for a lovely new take on the common shooter, Morphies Law is an interesting take, and hopefully more players and a constant stream of updates will help Morphies Law grow into a great little game. 

Morphies Law: Remorphed can be found on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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