Morgan: Metal Detective – Explore a small island!

There has been an increase in cozy, first person adventure games, the latest to join the trend is Morgan: Metal Detective. You play as a young woman who has returned to the Island of Glasden after her grandfather has passed away. There is a lot of exploring and helping to be done!

Your grandfather has passed away, and you and your mother are back at his home, working through some of his items. As you are just a teenager, your mother has given you the metal detector your grandfather left for you, and has freed you of any cleaning that might need to be done. Now, you can spend your day investigating the island, looking for trash or treasure, and helping out a bunch of different townsfolk.

Morgan: Metal Detective has quite a few cozy features that are fun to play around with! Firstly, you can talk to the various members of the town, and learn which ones need to find something they’ve lost. Others can help you with clues to get closer to the treasure they are looking to find. Along with exploring a beautiful world, you can also take pictures and create a little scrapbook of your memories.

The text within your journal is already written for you, but there are clear pages allowing you to add in pictures and stickers, to create your own little look. This bit of text gives more to the personality of Morgan, combining it with your own photography skills and design! 

Morgan: Metal Detective

You can also listen to cassette tapes while walking around in Morgan: Metal Detective. Many of these are left by your grandfather, who used to talk while he hunted for a mysterious treasure that may be hidden on this island. If you so fancy, you can start looking for this treasure and attempt to solve the mystery that your grandfather hadn’t had time to complete.

I got the chance to play a demo of Morgan: Metal Detective at Pocket Gamer Connects London, where I was charmed by the world and the people who lived on this small island.

You can currently wishlist the game on Steam or try the demo for yourself.

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