Monster Splat has very sticky hands

When I saw Monster Splat, I fell in love with the idea of having those sticky monster hands as the main component in a game. This colourful and cute game for two to four players is great for children and adults alike as it has an age rating of three and older. You are essentially trying to find your way out of the sewers while destroying big colored monsters in your path.

There are a couple of really cool design features to the game Monster Splat, the first being where your character token goes. These little creatures actually move around the edge of the bottom box — something I’ve never seen before — as the tile spaces are on the corners of the box, showing you your way out of the sewers. While this idea is genius and so fun, the character tokens are actually a hair too big, meaning they do fall off easily, which forces the box to go far to the side of the gameplay, as this game is full of action.

Monster Splat

Inside the box is a spinner. Each player takes a turn spinning the spinner and then trying to tag the selected spinner monster with their sticky monster hands. Players then get to move across the box rim depending on if they have hit the correct creature and if anyone else has caught them! More accurate and quick throws will result in more movement across the board. The first person out of the sewer is the winner!

The spinner does also contain big slime monsters that match the colour of the players. If you spin the spinner and it lands on the big slime monster of the same colour as you are, you must aim for the bin while all the others aim for your character’s card. Hitting the bin accurately actually voids all of the other player’s hits, keeping them in place.

Monster Splat is a really fun game — far more than a simple gimmick added in. There could be a few improvements — especially on the character sizes as they move around the box. The actual sticky hand isn’t one of the cheap ones you get inside a gumball machine either — they are high quality and Ravensburg brand, although I do feel they’d benefit from coming with some sort of wet wipe to give them a second life when the game gets a little too dirty. 

Monster Splat

Monster splat is a really fun little game to set up and play, that takes a bit of speed, a bit of dexterity and can be played quickly between other, larger games or just in an evening after dinner. 

You can find Monster Splat on Amazon.

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