Monagerie is a tactical monster taming adventure

A retro, Pokemon inspired game with its own unique twists, Monagerie is a great RPG for those who are looking for something just a bit different.

Monagerie is an adventure game littered with bits of story and lots of monsters that you can tame and fight with! These monsters, much like Pokemon, are battled and collected as part of your party. Instead of using balls to capture them, you are just battling them enough for them to respect you and join your team.


Once they are on your team you can battle with them or other monsters out in the wild. In battling, they each have set moves, but the real unique aspect is in the way these moves work. Instead of having to call new monsters out to battle, as one of your actions, you can seamlessly use various monsters and attacks without needing to recall them. Whichever monster attacks is the one that gets attacked by your enemy, but combo’ing up moves makes for some wicked cool attack patterns! 


Instead of trying to level up your monsters (as none of these can level up) you will need to focus on team management and building up a team that works well together in its move sets. There are many monsters within the world that actually cannot be captured, and instead are fought because they are in the way or you have run into them. 

Monagerie is a retro, Gameboy-esque game that was inspired by Pokemon, but it adds its own unique flair here and there, making for a game that is, in fact, different. I got to play a bit of the game at EGX and really enjoyed my time with it.

You can follow the development on the game’s Twitter, though there isn’t a release date just yet.

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