Mini Metro Mobile Versions Gain Endless Mode

Released late in 2014 for PC, and late 2015 for iOS & Android, Dinosaur Polo Club’s Mini Metro’s mobile versions have today received an update adding in an Endless Mode to to highly revered puzzle game.

Mini Metro, which sees you maintaining a train network by drawing and adjusting train-lines as new stations, with different customer requirements, arrive over time. It’s a simple idea, with limited train-lines and an increasing variety of passengers and destination stations causing more elaborate networks as time goes on.


The game, which already includes 15 maps inspired by real-world cities, will now add an endless mode, exempting players from the the regular game-over conditions.

The free update also added new songs to the soundtrack (track, oh-ho!) from Mateo Lugo, the composer behind the music of 2016 indie-sweetheard Reigns.


The game is discounted on the two platforms until the 8th of March to celebrate. You can catch a trailer for the game while it was in Early Access on PC below.


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