MG-X Pro iPhone adds an Xbox Controller to your Phone

We have previously reviewed the MG-X Pro Android controller, which allows you to level up your gaming experience on your Android device by attaching the controller. Now, we’re here to talk about if the iPhone version of the game is as well designed as the Android version. 

The MG-X Pro controller feels almost better fitted to the iPhone, between Xbox Gamepass and Apple Arcade, there are actually a ton of games with controller support. Apple Arcade requires most games to have controller support, meaning that there are a lot of options there alone. With the use of Game Pass, you can play a bunch of your games on mobile, challenging the line between console gaming and mobile gaming. iPhone also has a better battery life, in my experience, than Android, making it a great way to game. 

MG-X Pro iPhone

But, onto the controller itself. Setting up your MG-X Pro is very easy. The controller doesn’t need any sort of wire, and instead just connects via Bluetooth once you turn the device on. This is done with Bluetooth 4.2, which could cause some lag in some games, but I did not find that with any Apple Arcade games that I tested using this controller.  

The controller is made of sturdy plastic, feeling a lot like the Xbox controllers that we already have at home. The D-Pad on the MG-X Pro iPhone actually has sparkles in it, which is a cute touch. Everything feels quite reactive, and the thumbpads are nice. One of them actually has the Nacon logo, which is cute. They both do have grip on them and feel good to move around. For some reason, I felt the YXAB buttons were a bit clunky on the controller — maybe because they are flat on top instead of rounded like the controller I am used to using. There is also a three-dot button, a home button and the hamburger button. 

This controller feels designed for long-term use, especially with its 20-hour battery life, which seems to be an accurate measure. You can charge the controller itself using the included cable, which doesn’t take too long to charge the device, and you can actually play while controlling if you’d like. There are red LED lights that showcase the charge of your controller, letting you know how much gaming you have left. 

Much like the MG-Pro for Android, this controller feels like it brings a new way of gaming to your device. Everything is easy to use — even putting your phone in: If you do not have a clunky case, you can even keep your case on and the controller stretches to fit larger phones as well. With the number of compatible games on iPhone, you’ll easily find enough games to really take advantage of the controller! 

You can find the Nacon MG-X Pro on Nacon’s website.

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