MaoMao Castle — 9 Tries, 9 Lives

MaoMao Castle came to me as a rush of rainbows. I guided the elusive Cat-Dragon to rescue their friends, smashed my way through greenery, and blasted through rainbow arches. No cat game comes without the nine lives, and even Cat-Dragons must maintain their longevity somehow, right?

Roughly 2 years ago, Dann covered MaoMao Castle in an article detailing their innovative use of Leap Motion, a motion sensor bar and their constant, jubilant presence at events. Back then was in the development stage of MaoMao Castle. 3 years and 7 months of development later, the Early Access on was born! The Cat-Dragon had also made a grand total of 66 event showcases to date. As a person who loves both cats and dragons, what could be better than a game that combines them into a wonderful runner?

I popped the game up on my computer, and found it extremely intuitive as I swept daisy fields, and dodged around gates. The smashing charge was the fun part — as I released the charge the Cat-Dragon sped forward with the power of rainbows. The pixel art was crisp and clear on my computer screen, and the upbeat music kept the adrenaline pumping. 

MaoMao Castle
Through the fields I blast!

The game still held the simplicity of its mechanics, but the Early Access version polished it up and gave it more fluidity. Even without a mouse, it was highly intuitive to my trackpad. The giant rainbow star turned me into a giant Cat-Dragon, and with my size — I set my sights on being Cat-Dragonzilla. Nothing could stop me now! I played until I exhausted my nine lives, and typed up my name on the scoreboard. 

Now at version 0.5.1,’s Quang and Viet plan to add more waves, a global scoreboard, and skins to dress up your Cat-Dragon — because you can look great saving your friends! 

MaoMao Castle was a ride from start to finish, and it just keeps getting better. This game will see a full release on Steam,, iOS, and Android this May 31st. Until then, I will be keeping the Cat-Dragon close to my heart, and away from the gates.

You can try out MaoMao Castle’s Early Access version, check out’s website, and keep up with the Cat-Dragon and its creators on Twitter!

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