Make The Burger — What are we doing?

Thrown into the deep end, given an entire food truck to work, and simply told to  ‘Make the Burger’ — what a day. I am not sure exactly how anybody expects me to actually be successful. I’m not even sure what I even need to do to keep my customers happy.

We sell one thing at this food truck: burgers. This is a relief, because if I was meant to cook more than one item, and serve, I’d be in a lot of trouble. That said, burgers can come with various toppings like lettuce, tomato, mustard, brown sauce — just to name a few. It’s my job to Make The Burger, specifically the one a customer orders. The ordering customer chooses three different toppings when it comes to their personal burger. They also sit at tables near my food truck, from where it is probably clear to see that I have no idea what I am doing.

For whatever reason, these customers won’t leave their seat. Instead, they expect me to hear what they’ve shouted — click on their thought bubble  and it disappears — with me then having to make their order. There are only a few things that can be interacted with, the order bubble, the grill, and the finished burger sitting on my stand. Once I have gone to the grill, I can choose the three toppings for my burger — but these are all hard to see and are not clearly colored.

To make matters worse, dragging the orders to their customers doesn’t get much of a reaction. If they are the right order they might be eaten, otherwise, the customer will just disappear after a while, leaving the mystery burger in place — likely less a bite. I mostly ended up shifting these to other orders, in hopes of something being interested in it.

As time goes by more and more people leave unhappy as, for whatever reason, they are stopping at this train wreck of a burger joint. I don’t know if it’s the signs on my truck, the smell of the burgers, or the fact that so many people are waiting for food, but business is booming — despite the number of unhappy customers.

After a while things get to be too much. Everybody was shouting orders. I can’t remember what bacon bits look like or what order is sitting on the counter. Soon, far too soon, it’s time to close down my truck and it’s game over.

Make The Burger was made for the 365 Indies Game Jam 2018, which is why it isn’t very polished and remains very, very challenging. Either way, I had some fun playing around with it — and the graphics are really wonderful.

You can give it a go for free, via GameJolt, if you’d like!

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