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M.E.R.C Looks Like Syndicate Meets Full Spectrum Warrior; Hitting Early Access Jan 2017

TinyMob Games have announced that their upcoming tactical title M.E.R.C. will be launching onto Steam Early access on the 17th of January. 

M.E.R.C. -which probably stands for something- is an upcoming Tactical shooter which sees you controlling a squad of four soldiers as they clean up the scum of the last city left standing. It’s a tight, tactical affair with units moved from cover to cover where they then engage enemies as a unit – something that instantly reminded me of the fantastic Full Spectrum Warrior which took what could have just been another shooting game and turned it into a clever strategic affair of cover fire and careful manoeuvring.

The game has you take on missions, either in single player or co-operative, in order to secure funds and further specialise and improve your recruits.

In addition to simply moving the squad as a single cluster, you can also split the group into two, allowing for flanking and pincer attacks, as well as a plethora of other tactical applications.

Outside of this however, there’s very little known about the game. It does however now have its own Steam page, and the developer also released a teaser trailer which you can find below.

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