London is Ready for a Concert on Composer Nobuo Uematsu’s Work

Fans of the well-known composer will get the chance to enjoy a full concert featuring his best and most popular pieces.

Symphonic Odysseys London is coming to London’s Barbican Center with the work of Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu at its core. The event was announced in a press release which provided us with additional information on what to expect.

To begin with, Uematsu’s work is the sole focus, so even though he’s best known for his work in the Final Fantasy series, attendees will also be treated to pieces from games like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon in order to celebrate 30 years of awe-inspiring music. The event will feature a pre-concert, ticketed session with Nobuo Uematsu himself, who will attent the show.

Everyone playing and arranging the event is hugely excited about its unfolding, as many of the instrumentalists and organisers of the event admit to being long-time fans of Uematsu. Tickets for the show are already on sale, and range from £30 to £65, with £10 tickets sold separately for the pre-concert show. You can get your tickets here.

The concert will take place on June 20 and is sure to move attendees with the works of a timeless talent.

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