Little Goody Two Shoes takes you on a fairytale horror adventure

Little Goody Two Shoes looks like a cute, adorable adventure game — but as it turns out, you are actually being haunted in a strange, horror world. You play as Elise, who had a dream of becoming a rich, spoiled brat. After a lifetime of working for a living, you have found a pair of red shoes that are bewitched, taking you into a fantasy world.

I got to play a demo of Little Goody Two Shoes at WASD, where I was, at first, trapped in a room. As odd as it is to be a small child trapped in a room, whoever was on the other side of the door really didn’t want to let her out. This game plays kind of like a point and click adventure game, where you can interact with various objects in the room.

However, if you spend too much time in the dark, you will find yourself going a bit mad. This can cause beings to appear that can harm you. Keeping yourself in the right state of mind and finding your way through this world becomes the main goal in Little Goody Two Shoes, but keep in mind the decisions you make play a big role in what happens within the game.

Little Goody Two Shoes has ten different endings, all depending on what you do within the game. You’ll need to navigate the relationships you have with the villagers in your small town, roam around a realm of enemies and ghosts that can harm you, and there is even a day and night cycle forcing you to keep your needs in mind, so that you can stay alive until the end of the game. 

Little Goody Two Shoes

It captivated me, and I found myself wondering what was going to happen next and if I was going to survive. Currently, Little Goody Two Shoes is meant to release this year. For now, you can wishlist the game on Steam.

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