LINKEE number 3 is all about connecting the phrases

When it comes to trivia and party games, there are so many different options out there. Trivia is always a fun thing to do, especially when you have a large number of players who all want to take part. Linkee Number 3 is a trivia style game where you answer questions to then identify the thread that connects each answer.

Each card has four different questions on it, which each have different answers. These questions are random, with only the answers connected. Everyone often has a notepad with them as well, to write down the different answers to each question. Once the card keeper has read all of the questions, they can also read a clue if nobody is finding the connection.

The clues in Linkee Number 3 aren’t really clues, however. Sometimes they literally feel like the game is just having a dig at you not being able to figure out the answer by what you were already told. If you do not find an answer to a specific question, however, you still can figure out the connections based on the other answers that you have found. 

If you do know the answer, you can yell it out. If you are the first to yell it out, and it’s correct, you get that specific card. If you are incorrect, you are unable to guess again! Your goal in Linkee Number 3 is to collect all of the different letters to spell Linkee. Now, there are two e’s in Linkee, but the cards have different colors for each one, so you cannot cheat the word.

Linkee Number 3

You can gather cards that are not useful, like extras of a specific letter, and later trade them in for other cards if you get enough. Our group wasn’t that great at the game and didn’t end up using this feature, but for those who are much better at connecting the dots, you will probably be able to use this to your advantage. There is also a way to trade in your cards to steal a card from another player, which can really stop them from winning.

Linkee feels like a really fun trivia game, as you not only need to solve the trivia questions, but also need to connect the different answers and see what they have in common. There are a few different Linkee games, with Linkee Number 3 being the third addition to the series. There are also plenty of cards in the box to keep things interesting for quite some time.

You can find Linkee Number 3 on Amazon.

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