In Less than Three Weeks the Crypt of the NecroDancer Prequel DLC Will Be Upon Us; Details, Trailer Within

Brace Yourself Games will be releasing the prequel expansion pack for their award-winning rhythm-roguelike title on January 24th.

Crypt of the NecroDancer was a pretty radical twist on the roguelike genre, one achieved by injecting it with rhythm dependent mechanics which saw you navigating and fighting to the beat of the game’s music; a tidy twist on a heavily saturated sub-genre if I do say so myself.

Back in late (22nd of) December the developers, Brace Yourself Games, announced that a prequel DLC would be -in what I think is a first- coming to Early Access on the 24th of January.

The DLC will add a whole bunch new features, which you can find below:

  • A whole new zone full of nefarious new enemies!
  • A powerful new protagonist: Nocturna!
  • New weapons, armor, and other loot
  • Pet-like “familiars” that stay by your side and help you fight!
  • A new story cutscene and a new boss battle
  • Over 20 new tracks have been added to the soundtrack, including vocals from Mega Ran as “FortissiMole”!
  • A completely new playable OST remix created by OverClocked ReMix

The developers will also be adding the following during Early Access:

  • More playable characters
  • More gameplay modes
  • More items
  • Final story cutscenes
  • And Nocturna’s final boss battles!

They also released a trailer for the upcoming DLC, which you can find below.

It’s going to be available for PC, Mac & Linux during development, and come to other formats after completion (Twitter), you can add it to your wishlist over on its Steam Store Page.

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