Jam Favorites: Pizza Jam 2

There are a ton of game jams happening online at any point during the year. Many of these jams follow a theme and a timeframe, giving developers the challenge of creating a game within a specific jam’s restrictions. I am able to record loads of these games for each and almost every game jam. As I record them all, I pick out games that stand out to me and games I love from each individual jam. This article contains the games I love from the the Pizza Jam 2.

The Pizza Jam 2 was a 48 hour game jam where the prizes were a variety of pizzas! The theme for this version was ‘Memory’. I’ve played through each of the submitted games in my compilation video series and below are a few of my favorites, in a random order.

Justice Pizza by Tarngerine

Justice Pizza sees you playing a tiny pizza slice, looking to get pizza orders correct by shooting the ingredients needed with blobs of cheese! At the start of each level you are given an order of toppings for a pizza. This order matters both to the customer and you. You will need to collect all of the ingredients needed in that order to make the perfect delivery. Collecting ingredients isn’t an easy task  — they seem to float around the area, bouncing off walls.

Justice Pizza

There are also more ingredients floating around than you will need, so you need to aim your shots carefully and encase the correct item in cheese before running over and grabbing it. You don’t have any extra cheese, so if you miss an item, the cheese blob will be waiting for you to collect it and fire again. Once you have all of the ingredients for the order you can deliver it to the house and move onto the next level.

Justice Pizza gets increasingly challenging – you’ll need to pay close attention to actually keep your job!

Forgotten Memorys by PIEMEN

Forgotten Memorys is a platformer with a very different concept. Instead of collecting items to use within each level, you will need to flip over the matching cards to activate the item. As you explore around, cards will be littered here and there. These cards can be flipped by running into them. Once you have flipped two cards, if they are correct, the key or pizza will activate. If they are incorrect, both items will flip back over, and you will need to make your way to flip them again.

Forgotten Memorys

Cards will need to be activated in a specific order if you want to unlock blocks, get to new areas, and open up the doors needed to make it through the game. Pizza cards can also be flipped on each level, to gain as a bonus item. As you make your way through the various levels, you will learn more about yourself — you seem to have forgotten why you are here or what is going on, but slowly you might start to remember…

Get Smart! by Sl1ngShot

Get Smart! combines an idle clicker with a Simon Says game, providing a pretty unique experience. You will be given a sequence of parts of a brain to press. You will then have to click on that sequence as many times as you can, in the correct order, until the sequence changes. Each time you click the correct part, you will gain points. If you click the wrong part of the brain or you get the order mixed up, you will lose points.

Get Smart!

These points can then be spent on upgrades, which will in turn help you continue to gain points. Some upgrades will give you more points per click while others will give you more points per second. The sequences get longer and more challenging, so these upgrades will help you keep your head above water. Get Smart! is a very unique game version of an idle game!

Unidentified Flying Pizza Delivery Service by Jackson Allen

Unidentified Flying Pizza Delivery Service is a Pico-8 game where you must deliver the correct pizza to the right home while remember everyone’s order. The map of the world sits below you, you are a newly hired alien looking to deliver a bunch of pizzas and impress your boss. Your spaceship always moves forward, slightly curving as opposed to turning when you fly. At the bottom of the screen you can see what pizza you are holding and at the top you can see what pizza is being ordered. A small word bubble pops up above the house currently ordering the pizza listed above.

Unidentified Flying Pizza Delivery Service

You will need to quickly deliver the pizza in your ship as to hold the next one to make sure that you don’t need to remember such a large lead. If you deliver the wrong pizza to the wrong house, or miss the homes completely, you will lose a life and that customer will not need a pizza correction. Instead, they will order form another space pizza delivery service. As the orders flood in, Unidentified Flying Pizza Delivery Service becomes super challenging to keep up with.

Sir, May I take your order by Rami Jhirad

Sir, May I take your order is a pretty funny game where you get the chance to manage the late shift at a pizzeria. Customers call in ordering the pizza that they are looking for. You are able to look around this tiny room, find the correct ingredients for the pizza, and then send the pizza through the window to the customers. When customers call in, they don’t always know exactly what they want. Sometimes there are other people in the room who have ever-changing opinions.

Sir, May I take your order

You will need to listen to the full order, making sure you hear their changes and wants before creating the pizza. If you make a mistake, you can throw away a pizza, but delivering the wrong kind will force you to lose a life. The conversations you hear for these orders become quite funny, but you’ll need to pay attention and remember a lot of ingredients if you want to keep your job! Too many incorrect pizzas will lead to you being fired.

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