Jagex’s Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Launches Today.

Today Cambridge based developer Jagex (Runescape) released their free-to-play, card-based adventure title onto Steam.

Chronicle Runescape - ImageChronicle: Runescape Legends takes the increasingly popular card game genre and twists it on it’s head – rather than being a deck of attacks used to damage an opponent they are instead used to tell a story, and if played carefully allow you to develop your hero through victories over the cards you’ve played. It’s not just your own cards that you’ll be fighting, the other players in the game can also drop enemies in your path in an attempt to overwhelm you, or they may instead focus on building up their own character as they know that, ultimately, that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and in the end the survivors have to dual for the price at the center of the map.

The game launches with five characters, over 400 cards to deploy, and a variety of modes – including a dungeoneering one – there’s a lot to do in the title’s current form, and Jagex already have plans to bolster the existing content post launch.


Fight your own cards in a new chapter for online strategy card games as Chronicle arrives on Steam for PC.

Thursday 26 th May 2016, Cambridge, UK – Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, a new generation of action-packed online strategy card game, has launched today and is now available from Steam for PC (http://store.steampowered.com/app/205890/), Jagex Games Studio has announced.

A unique twist on the card game genre, which combines tactical PvE with strategic PvP gameplay, Chronicle sees players fighting against their own cards as well as their opponents, and crafting adventures in a quest for supremacy over their rival.

Having spent the last six months in beta, Chronicle’s full launch on Steam brings with it new ranked sessions (the first of which is now live until 31 stJune) more than 400 cards, support for seven languages 1-, over 40 Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards, and dozens of additional enhancements and improvements for the game’s full launch.

Additionally, current players can continue to enjoy their Chronicle adventuredirectly through the game’s client. Crucially, there is no progress wipe for players who have been enjoying the game during the open beta period.

CHRONICLE: RUNESCAPE LEGENDS features at Steam launch:

Unique new generation card game – The cards are both a player’s greatest weapon and weakness, as they battle their own decks and trying to defeat their rival standing the other side of the Chronicle

Master five Legends – Learn the unique tactics and strategies of each Legend and strive for victory. A sixth Legend, the slayer master Morvran, will join existing characters during this summer

Multiple modes – Draft to victory in Dungeoneering mode and quest for coins, gem shards and platinum; learn the ropes in Solo Play and Casual modes; play against friends; or fight to the top in the competitive Ranked mode

Skilling & Customisation – Players can customise their account by unlocking new titles and badges through levelling up in-game skills, or purchase new card backs

Said James Sweatman, lead designer, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends:

“From prototyping Chronicle as a paper-based card game two years ago, through to iterating its digital form, today’s launch of Chronicle: RuneScape Legends on Steam for PC marks the biggest milestone for the game to date.Chronicle delivers a step-change in traditional CCG gameplay, where almost every predictable card game mechanic has been thrown out the window in favour of our unique twist on the genre and we are eager to see players develop and master new tactics and strategies for supremacy.”

“The open beta proved to be supremely useful, with players providing invaluable feedback and insight as to how we could make Chronicle the best it could possibly be for launch. We’re looking forward to watching the race to the top of the ranked leagues unfold, as well as continue our development plans to bring the game to iOS and Android platforms next!”

Open Beta Trailer:

Find it on Steam:


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