Horror Exploration Game ‘No70: Eye of Basir’ Launches on Wednesday; Trailer, Details Within

No70: Eye of Basir, from developer Old Moustache Gameworks, will be launching on Steam on the 28th – this coming Wednesday.

The game sees players taking on the role of Aras, a man searching for his brother in their childhood home – their grandmother’s house, No 70. As the trailer below details, the house is mysterious and filled with previously hidden doors; a mysterious chest the main character’s grandmother had hidden now seemed to be a key part in his brother’s disappearance.

Complex puzzles are said to litter the home and the world hidden away, tucked among the corridors and rooms of the attached catacombs. The motif of secrets-hidden running through both the flashback parts, and the modern day exploration.  It’s not just exploration and puzzles, the game is built around travelling through memories and confronting fears, all while psychological horrors, tricks of the eye, and more, litter the halls you’ll be journeying through.

You can find the latest trailer below, which gives off a solid impression of the setting and, well, nature of the game. Indeed, the trailer paints a glum, moody picture of the game’s world, shadows and darkness creeping in to a world overcome by grey colours and absence.

No70: Eye of Basir will be available on Windows PCs via Steam on June 28th. It’ll launch with a 30% discount.

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