Hive time — getting beezy

Buzz Buzz! That’s the sound of a factory at working, buzzing away with productivity. Sitting at the wheel of a veritable empire of bees, Hive Time has you turning a small collection of worker drones helmed by a queen into the hive of your dreams. 
Hive Time: a picture of the bee hive full of populated hexagons with high depth of field,
Mmmm that depth of field

Your hive in Hive Time is your castle, where your drones venture out into the outside world, and hunker down with all your resources. As a successful queen your task is to collect resources, industrialise faster than England in the 1700s, and take control of your garden, fending off invaders and neighbouring creatures, to create an everlasting dynasty of bees. 

A highly adorable aspect of Hive Time is the tiny little stories that are routinely sprinkled little stories that appear every now and then throughout the hive. Popping up in rooms, little text boxes will tell the story of a beezien, maybe about their opinions on a movie, or an interaction between colleagues at work. While these stories do not amount to much, they make these little ephemeral insectoids a little more relatable, be it a warrior bee or even the great queen over all the hive, the whole hive a family. 

The most important part of any hive is the nursery, breeding more bees to replace the rapidly dying workforce. Beesitters tend to your nurseries, where you have to carefully control the percentage of the workforce your bees grow up to work in, which is a very difficult balance to hold. (I’m currently swinging between droughts and booms of beesitters, destroying my hives productivity each time it hits its apex). 

A popup box with a picture of the queen bee, and the text "For fun, Queen Kate once spread a rumour that she was three stinkbugs in a trenchcoat."
*shifty looks*

Expanding your hive is simple, building new hexagonal cells adjacent to your cells, you can then fill them up with all sorts of structures, from resource cells, resource gatherers, and even barracks to protect your hive from threats. 

As you grow your hivey empire, the rest of the garden will take notice. Slugs will slime up to your door and try and threaten you, and your warrior bees must fly frequent sorties out around the garden to ensure clear and safe airspace for your harvesting bees, collecting resources to fuel your ever-growing hive, constantly making more resources inside your natural factories. 

Currently available over at, there’s a super cute trailer out now, ready for your eyeballs!

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