Hauntii has you becoming a ghost in a mysterious world

Hauntii is a stunning, simplistic adventure game where you find yourself in a massive world, full of mystery and other ghosts. At first, you have signs to help you travel around, as you learn to grasp your new powers within this realm. You are able to fire at things, bringing light to posts and defeating strange spirits, but there is so much more to this world than it initially infers.

Hauntii places you in  The Middle Space Eternity. You are not quite dead and not quite alive. Other spirits, who look like angels, are rumored to be able to guide you to a central tower where you might ascend to a higher plane, but this is not confirmed and nobody really knows what goes on there.

Within this world, you can actually possess loads of things, triggering dialogue when you become something pointless, which is quite fun — in addition to that, you need to possess some items to change the world or open pathways. These small, polished details really make the game feel well thought out and enhance the mysterious feel of the world. There are other souls who also bring you bits of story, though they don’t seem to really tell you what is going on, but I guess that’s what the world is like when you are not quite dead or alive. 


There are different paths to take in Hauntii, as they subtly guide you forward, and you can take whichever path you’d like. Various lights lead the way, slowing guiding you around in a very relaxing and un-rushed way. Even the shooting with in the game feels quite relaxing, as it never really feels like you are in danger, and instead is focused on exploration.

Over time, you can find bits of memories, to understand who you were and what your past life was. At first, you do not even know your name, so collecting aspects of who you are can help you understand what happened and how to ascend beyond this wasteland. There are a lot of challenges and puzzles to solve, as well as other spirits to trade with, just to figure out who you are and what you need to do next.

I got the chance to play a bit of Hauntii at Gamescom this year, where I found myself quite captivated by the graphics and the story itself. Currently this game does not have a release date, but you can wishlist it on Steam.

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